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I must admit, I’m an editorials kinda girl. I love the way the clothes are used to tell a story and that every placement is the deliberate result of a conscious decision. Covers aren’t really my bag. However, I’m completely and utterly blown away by Adele on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine. One of my beauty expert mates couldn’t have put it better when it comes to Adele – “she is beautiful and gets her make-up so right”. That is so true of this cover, she looks immaculate with the right amount of sexy. We’re so used to seeing Adele in a figure-skimming, borderline baggy black dresses, this is the complete opposite to that – bright, sultry and just plain hawt!

From the sublime to the beautifully ridiculous. Lady Gaga covers this month’s Harper’s Bazaar in one of her more tame looks. Those prosthetic cheek bones…. not sure whether I’m sold. According to her, it’s not plastic surgery, it’s “body modification”. Despite the plastic mishap on her face, she looks beautiful. Now that’s not a word I would normally associate with Gaga, not because she isn’t, but that clearly isn’t the look she’d ever go for. She looks good. Pink hair, plastic face bits and all.

Creeping on the Downlow

Posted in Trends by Nneoma Ulu on April 13, 2011

Every time I see creepers, I think of TLC’s Creep. I get that it might just be me and my strange way of linking songs with inanimate objects. Either way, I reckon it’s the kind of thing they would’ve worn back in the day with their tomboyish rebellion against the hip hop chics. Back to modern day and these shoes are the kind of thing the man in my life just wouldn’t understand but for me these Pradas are the perfect update to the tiring brogue and are just plain cool. A welcome break to the towering platforms I keep buying. Slightly tempted.

Image via The Sartorialist

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Quote of the Day: Franca Sozzani

Posted in Quote by Nneoma Ulu on April 11, 2011

“I needed to have a consistent, recognizable look to every cover. My idea was that even if you took the word “Italia” off, you know what Vogue Italia is. Many magazines don’t seem to have a connection between one cover and the next, and it becomes hard to tell them apart. Especially today—images can be printed in such a high quality, but that also flattens them out, in a way. There’s a similar problem in fashion. Everyone can buy clothes — the most accessible clothes are not of the best quality, but unless you look at the label, you don’t know who it’s by. It’s this kind of oversaturation that makes me believe we are on the brink of another huge change.”

– Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief – Vogue Italia on her incessant use of Steven Meisel

Makes me want to go and buy back issues of Vogue Italia for her 25 year reign and burn all my high street clothes. Inspiration or delusion? Whatever it is, it’s thought-provoking.

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Currently obsessed with… Prada Stripes

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Are stripes the new black? Seen here mixed with other prints, with nudes, with pops of other colours. Yes, please.

Images via StreetPeeper and Jak & Jil

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//Sunday Inspiration//

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Yes, I carry around a paper diary. I will not succumb to the pressure of fast moving technology, I’m old school. I like to write things down and flick through a two-page view of the week. I have always ripped things out of magazines and stuffed them into my diary. They get screwed up and battered and eventually I’m forced to throw my little scraps of inspiration away. twentyteneightyfour has worked for a while as my virtual scrapbook and I’ve also got a Posterous which largely serves as a memory trigger for all my discoveries online that I’m too busy to write down in my diary. Today’s inspiration comes from Capture the Castle – a revival of the paper scrapbook – she carries it around so she can have a little bit of inspiration everywhere she goes. Bingo! I see a project forming. I’ll be purchasing a moleskin notebook (without lines) and pritt stick next weekend when I;m back in London for good and reigniting my passion for cutting and pasting. I will be sure to report back.

Images via Capture the Castle

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