//Sunday Inspiration//

Posted in Inspiration by Nneoma Ulu on July 31, 2011

Summer is back (according to the Daily Mail). This is the perfect summer look – sherbet brights softened with a school girl grey aran knit and gladiator flats. The perfect pins help too… Let’s hope the sunshine stays around for a few more weeks so I can practise getting this look right.

Image via The Sartorialist

Sale treats

Posted in My wardrobe by Nneoma Ulu on July 29, 2011

I received this gorgeous box this week with my only sale purchase of the summer. I have always loved the luxurious packaging of purchases, it makes a little treat seem much more special. Contents of the box to follow…


Luke Embden: An Introspective

Posted in Cool stuff by Nneoma Ulu on July 25, 2011

I studied Art A Level. Well, I tried to. I made it to AS Level and although I was okay (literally just okay) I didn’t have the discipline to succeed but I know what it takes. And my mate, Luke Embden, has got it.

His work draws from his passion for graffiti, Pop Art and freeform typography. Each work is a spontaneous yet intricate expression of multiple lines and layers, where cryptic words, sentences and phrases are subtly woven.

Embden’s pop sensibility sees his animal pattern takes on a viral-like quality, devouring desirable consumer objects, such as Nike trainers and Munny figurines.   It also spreads across a variety of surfaces and materials, from canvas to paper, textile to furniture as well as interiors and found objects.  Under this seemingly all-embracing consumerist semblance, conceals his cryptic messages and thoughts.

Luke is a rare talent and he’ll be showcasing his work for the next month. So if you fancy taking in some culture of the artistic variety, get involved.  To see more from Luke in the run up to the show, check out his blog here.

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//Sunday Inspiration//

Posted in Inspiration by Nneoma Ulu on July 24, 2011

In homage to my boyfriend’s birthday today, here is some inspiration for all the well dressed men out there and for those who aspire to wardrobe greatness. Take note.

Image via Guerreisms

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Kipling x Silver Spoon Attire

Posted in Cool stuff by Nneoma Ulu on July 23, 2011

Today I headed down to Selfridges to meet with the lovely people from Kipling and stylists to the stars, Silver Spoon Attire to take a look at their Back to College range. Think rucksacks and holdalls in block coloured red and black lacquer fabric complete with the obligatory Kipling monkey, and he’s furry! I picked out a screaming red holdall and chose a selection of tassels, pom poms and Americana style letters (my initials) and handed it over to the more than capable Silver Spoon Attire team to work their magic. Designers by trade, the team are used to working with celebrities such as Rihanna, Daisy Lowe, Eliza Dolittle and Tinie Tempah. Aside from that, I knew I was in good hands when I spotted one of the team in a Christopher Kane t-shirt.


The (not so) bad news: Due to the popularity of Silver Spoon Attire’s customizing skills, I wasn’t able to take my bag home today as they didn’t have enough time to finish it. They’d been working for six hours straight hand stitching pom poms, tassels and the like onto the bags. However, it should be delivered to me soon and I will share it with you in all its customised glory.

The good news: Kipling and the Silver Spoon Attire team will be in Manchester, Birmingham (Selfridges) and back in London (John Lewis) over the next few weeks so that anyone who purchases an item from their Back to College range will have option to visit their customisation bar and put their own personal stamp on it.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Posted in My stuff by Nneoma Ulu on July 23, 2011

Yet again twentyteneightyfour has been neglected as a result of real life happenings. In the past few weeks I’ve been working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (sounds a lot more glamorous than it is) and then holidayed in Bali (best holiday ever) but I’m back for good now.


View of the sunset from Uluwatu temple, Bali

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