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Posted in Inspiration by Nneoma Ulu on April 10, 2011

Yes, I carry around a paper diary. I will not succumb to the pressure of fast moving technology, I’m old school. I like to write things down and flick through a two-page view of the week. I have always ripped things out of magazines and stuffed them into my diary. They get screwed up and battered and eventually I’m forced to throw my little scraps of inspiration away. twentyteneightyfour has worked for a while as my virtual scrapbook and I’ve also got a Posterous which largely serves as a memory trigger for all my discoveries online that I’m too busy to write down in my diary. Today’s inspiration comes from Capture the Castle – a revival of the paper scrapbook – she carries it around so she can have a little bit of inspiration everywhere she goes. Bingo! I see a project forming. I’ll be purchasing a moleskin notebook (without lines) and pritt stick next weekend when I;m back in London for good and reigniting my passion for cutting and pasting. I will be sure to report back.

Images via Capture the Castle

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  1. girl lost in the city said, on May 17, 2011 at 12:24 am

    completely love this. reminds me of my old diaries, makes me wanna start it again!!

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