Posted in Covers by Nneoma Ulu on April 14, 2011

I must admit, I’m an editorials kinda girl. I love the way the clothes are used to tell a story and that every placement is the deliberate result of a conscious decision. Covers aren’t really my bag. However, I’m completely and utterly blown away by Adele on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine. One of my beauty expert mates couldn’t have put it better when it comes to Adele – “she is beautiful and gets her make-up so right”. That is so true of this cover, she looks immaculate with the right amount of sexy. We’re so used to seeing Adele in a figure-skimming, borderline baggy black dresses, this is the complete opposite to that – bright, sultry and just plain hawt!

From the sublime to the beautifully ridiculous. Lady Gaga covers this month’s Harper’s Bazaar in one of her more tame looks. Those prosthetic cheek bones…. not sure whether I’m sold. According to her, it’s not plastic surgery, it’s “body modification”. Despite the plastic mishap on her face, she looks beautiful. Now that’s not a word I would normally associate with Gaga, not because she isn’t, but that clearly isn’t the look she’d ever go for. She looks good. Pink hair, plastic face bits and all.

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