Starting the new year with Tom

Posted in Ad campaign, Spring/Summer 2011 by Nneoma Ulu on January 2, 2011

I’m trying not to commit to any resolutions this year because of the inevitable. But there is one thing I owe to myself… new glasses (those I work with know the severity of the situation). Enter Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2011 Eyewear campaign featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw. I’ll take a pair of those! Check out the rest of the campaign here.

As if revealing his new eyewear campaign wasn’t enough, now we can all view his top-secret return to womenswear featuring, Beyonce and Julianne Moore to name a few, in full. I love that it looks like the best party ever with everyone beautifully dressed.

Seems that Tom might be embracing social media now, despite his initial comments on the digital world in US Vogue. As they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


Tom Ford loves women

Posted in Spring/Summer 2011 by Nneoma Ulu on November 15, 2010

And we love him too. You’d be hard pushed to find a man that understands the power fashion has to transform better than Tom Ford. So here it is, his return to womenswear.

You can pick your jaw up now. Welcome back Tom!

Images via Vogue

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