Enough Bang, let’s get Nycked

Posted in News by Nneoma Ulu on June 7, 2010

Forget Marc Jacob’s new mens fragrance Bang. And even that raunchy ad campaign showing off his ripped and tatted up bod that had all the girls wishing he wasn’t into guys…

Attention has now moved from him to his boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, who has decided to dip his fashionable toes into the world of designing. He’s teamed up with jewellery designer Jules Kim to create a swimwear label called Nycked and, inspired by his Brazilian background – basically it’s all about the booty.

According to Lorenzo, “swim seems to be dominated by an L.A. aesthetic, and our collection brings a New York attitude to it.” What makes it New York? Big bows that looks like it was made of discarded trash bags; a silver, textured bikini with some serious padding; and a swimsuit with an un-done bow-tie neckline that we feel like Tim Gunn might deem a “first-year fashion school project.”

It’s not the most amazing swimwear collection but my view is – it’s designed by a hot gay Brazilian guy. He clearly knows what other men would like to see women wearing, so it’s worth a try!

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