Colette does Superhero

Posted in Happenings, High Street Fashion by Nneoma Ulu on May 30, 2010

I often have nightmares about this Luella t-shirt and recall how just as I go to enter in my card details on, it sells out. Then I wake up and realise that this nightmare is a dark and depressing reality.

Now thanks to Colette and DC Comics, I may be able to own something even better. DC Comics, think Batman, Superman, etc is celebrating their 75th anniversary and Colette is serving up a serious birthday pressie. Colette has commissioned a range of superhero-themed designer accessories and clothing items for its latest window, due to be unveiled tomorrow. The line features these Catwoman thigh-highs by Roger Vivier, Green Lantern gloves designed by Karl Lagerfeld and a Dog Batman T-shirt by Lanvin men’s wear designer Lucas Ossendrijver.

I think these boots might stop the nightmares.


Industrie Magazine: When Editors become Cover Stars

Posted in News by Nneoma Ulu on May 11, 2010

There is nothing THAT whets my appetite more than a good magazine. Flicking through the glossy pages, coveting designer wares and inspired by the long and lean physiques of the gazelle-like models. Given these recession times we’re in, I don’t expect the birth of many new mags but where they do pop up, they need to have a gimmick. Enter Industrie Magazine. A magazine dedicated to the culture of fashion, snapshots of the personalities and moments which shape our industry with Anna Wintour featuring as it’s first cover star. I’m already hooked.

This is the next step from fashion blogs that have given us normal folk an in when it comes to the fashion industry. Now the industry is claiming back some control and providing us an insight into some of the movers and shakers. The first issue features designer Rick Owens, fashion mogul Natalie Massenet of fame and a ‘how to look good naked’ shoot featuring Dana Werbowy and Lara Stone.

I’ll be queuing up for my copy on 24th May, when the first issue goes on sale worldwide.

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