A Bird & a Boy

Posted in News by Nneoma Ulu on December 19, 2011

Gisele is the new face for Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2012 ad. Gisele’s beauty shines through the dark gloomy Twilight-esque feel. Ricardo Tisci described the atmosphere as “the expression of a love story between a surfer and a mermaid.” Love the eeriness of this and that there is no sun in a spring/summer ad.

Chanel have confirmed that punk rock chick, Alice Dellal, is the new face of its Boy Chanel handbag collection. As both model and musician, she is Karl’s perfect Chanel girl. Alice shares my love for nose rings and shaved heads, her and Chanel are a match made in heaven, for me.


Battle of the high street collaborations: H&M vs Topshop

Posted in High Street Fashion by Nneoma Ulu on November 9, 2011

This is really simple for me. I will controversially be shunning Versace for H&M when it hits stores next week, with the obligatory queuing from 4am and eBay auctions at 10 times the retail price, and saving my money for Mary Katrantzou for Topshop. I have been loyal to the designer collaborations, particularly those by H&M from the early days – yes, I have a Stella McCartney wrap dress and Karl Lagerfeld denim courtesy of H&M but of late (I’m thinking Jimmy Choo and Lanvin), it seems the bigger the designer, the poorer the quality. Topshop, however, may have cracked it. The below dress will cost £350, and is one of fourteen pieces in the collaboration that will hit stores in February 2012.

Image via Style Bubble

There is no doubt that the Versace for H&M collection will be a hit but I doubt anything will make it into my wardrobe. Check out the catwalk show, that previewed in NYC last night

Kanye by Karl x V MAN

Posted in Covers by Nneoma Ulu on February 8, 2011

Kanye’s lyrics “every superhero needs his theme music” from POWER have been ringing in my head all day for work-related reasons so I guess I’ve got him on the brain. Loving this V MAN cover shot by Karl Lagerfeld and loving it even more because of the free dollar bills stuffed into Kanye’s mouth.

Karl Lagerfeld calls on the Gods for Pirelli

Posted in News by Nneoma Ulu on November 25, 2010

Never been a fan of calendars. They remind me of Woolworths (RIP) and searching for stocking fillers. However, I could be at a turning point. Enter the 2011 Pirelli Calendar shot by Karl Lagerfeld. The Lagerfeld difference – men. Usually the calendar focuses on nude women but Lagerfeld is changing the game, which is why I’d be happy for this little beauty to be in my stocking come Christmas Day. In the first shot to be released below, Garrett Neff is sandwiched in between Isabeli Fontana and Bianca Balti. He was inspired by the Greek gods. The calendar will be unveiled in Moscow later this month.

 Image via The Cut

Quotes of the day: Karl Lagerfeld

Posted in News by Nneoma Ulu on November 10, 2010

Suzy Menkes and Karl Lagerfeld at the International Herald Tribune 10th Annual Luxury Conference

On ego: “People think I’m on an ego trip, but I’m not. I can get out of people what they want to express but can’t.”

On how he embraces the digital world: “If you are against ‘digital’ in the world of today, you are lost . . . I don’t use computers so much — they do what your brain is meant to do. But they are beautiful.”

On designing: “I love my job. I have no idea of what it means to take yourself seriously. You have to be detached.”

via Fashionologie

Tease me, tease me, tease me H&M

Posted in High Street Fashion, News by Nneoma Ulu on August 31, 2010

It’s H&M collaboration time and they’ve decided to get creative with their publicity. We all know that these collaborations are some of the most hotly anticipated during the year with H&M’s ability to bring in seriously high rollers (Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Jimmy Choo). They have released teaser videos of a man and a woman voicing their views on women and fashion.

There is speculation that they guy is Bottega Veneta designer, Tomas Maier and that the lady is either Carolina Herrera or Pam Hogg.

Makes a change to the usual announcement. It’s an awesome tease… I definitely want more. Can you guess who?

Colette does Superhero

Posted in Happenings, High Street Fashion by Nneoma Ulu on May 30, 2010

I often have nightmares about this Luella t-shirt and recall how just as I go to enter in my card details on, it sells out. Then I wake up and realise that this nightmare is a dark and depressing reality.

Now thanks to Colette and DC Comics, I may be able to own something even better. DC Comics, think Batman, Superman, etc is celebrating their 75th anniversary and Colette is serving up a serious birthday pressie. Colette has commissioned a range of superhero-themed designer accessories and clothing items for its latest window, due to be unveiled tomorrow. The line features these Catwoman thigh-highs by Roger Vivier, Green Lantern gloves designed by Karl Lagerfeld and a Dog Batman T-shirt by Lanvin men’s wear designer Lucas Ossendrijver.

I think these boots might stop the nightmares.

The Karl Lagerfeld Way

Posted in Comment by Nneoma Ulu on October 14, 2009

So the size debate has been ignited again by none other than Karl Lagerfeld this week. Just when we thought this round of the debate had been laid to rest after Mark Fast’s London Fashion Week PR stunt with the  reams of coverage and a collection for TopShop secured, Lagerfeld has piped up with an almighty cry that should have Chanel aficionados stopping in their tracks.

Recently, Germany’s most popular women’s magazine, Brigitte, announced that they would be banning professional models from their pages, in favour of images of “real life women”. Lagerfeld described the magazine’s decision as absurd and said it had fallen victim to overweight women, adding, “Nobody wants to see a curvy woman.”  He told Focus Magazine, “You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly.” He also added that haute couture’s main preoccupation was “with dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women”.

Karl Lagerfeld - Before and After

Karl Lagerfeld - Before and After

I must stress, Karl Lagerfeld is a reformed fatty. He lost 92lbs in 13 months and then did what everyone does when they lose a bit if weight, wrote a book – The Karl Lagerfeld Diet. However, this does not by any means give him authority to talk about size in this way. The weight debate in fashion is a very sensitive issue, not to be taken lightly, after all, size has taken the lives of models in recent years. I understand fashion is about dreams and illusions but the reality is that we do not live in a dream world and when we splash our cash in the stores, we are real women buying clothes for our very real bodies. As the creative driving force behind such an iconic label, Lagerfeld would have done better to keep his thoughts to himself.

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