I don’t want to be cool, I want to be fashion

Posted in Girl Crush by Nneoma Ulu on June 22, 2010

This is clearly the mantra of a style icon. Namely Anna Dello Russo, Fashion Director at Vogue Nippon.

There is something sophisticated and sexy about the way the lace dress hugs her perfect figure. There is nothing slutty or trashy about this. It’s just pure unadulterated fashion at its finest and I’m jealous. Jealous that I don’t have the body to pull off wearing a lace dress with nothing but red underwear underneath. Jealous that getting on the tube in this number would be considered socially unacceptable and jealous that my cankles simply couldn’t handle the delicacy of those Leopard print YSL shoes that compliment the dress exquisitely.

Image via allthe prettybirds

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