Company Magazine: A blogger love-in?

Posted in Cool stuff by Nneoma Ulu on January 14, 2012

Alexa Chung covers the ‘new look’ February 2012 issue of Company magazine and whilst she looks as great as ever, it is the new layout of the magazine itself that caught my eye.

I picked up a handbag-sized copy and devoured it pretty quickly on my train ride home, with it’s great layout and it’s personal feel. The pages are packed with fashion picks from Company’s fashion team but also the magazine’s readers, which gives it a really personal feel. It features bloggers throughout with a couple of blogger specific features (including the one below) but interestingly, it almost feels like a blog. It’s full of street style inspiration and high street suggestions for updating your wardrobe.

Company’s love for bloggers doesn’t end with the mag but also extends online, with their upcoming Style Blogger Awards proving that the mag loves bloggers just as much as bloggers love the mag.

Company mag has always been one of the magazines that I pick up occasionally but the new layout and blogger friendly content has me hooked. I’m definitely a Company girl!

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