There is nothing worse than wet feet

Posted in Accessories, Inspiration by Nneoma Ulu on December 4, 2011

I hate having wet feet and sadly living in rainy London lends itself to this ongoing problem. The only good thing about it though, is that every winter, a pair of boots must be found to combat the problem triggering the start of the search for my perfect winter boot. Every year, I begin with the same goal – to have winter-long romance with a good-looking pair of boots that can withstand the rain and snow. I threw out the idea of the humble ballet pump being capable of combatting the accidental stepping in puddle moments a few years back, after being stung one time too many and ending in the untimely death of a beloved pair of Miu Mius (don’t ask). Last year, a pair of humble vintage boots served me well during the big freeze and a very wet spring and so this year as our Indian summer seems to finally be coming to an end, my eyes are peeled for a pair that can rise to the challenge. I’ve been taking inspiration from some new sources including scouring women’s shoes at Bank Fashion as well as the usual sources – The SartorialistVanessa JackmanFacehunter and have some ideas… but have not yet landed on the winner. Watch this space for the final contenders. In the mean time, here is  some of my inspiration…

Floral boots could work but lack the versatility I need.It’s all in the details… check, florals, leather.

Vintage looking flat chelsea boots. Working the minimalist look.

Tough girl chic. Love it.

Images via The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman and Facehunter

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