When Editors & Stylists become Cover Stars

Posted in Covers by Nneoma Ulu on November 28, 2011

The model is a dying breed. Whilst this may not be entirely true, when it comes to magazine covers, models are competing against actors and musicians and increasingly magazine editors and stylists. The latest edition of Industrie magazine features fashion heavyweight, Franca Sozzani – Editor of Vogue Italia. The cover, shot by Terry Richardson and styled by Katie Grand, captures the blue-eyed editor with a piercing stare – apparently the result of Richardson photographing her under unflattering lighting and making her look kind of shiny and shell shocked. The fact that covers like this get as much buzz as covers featuring stunning clothes and striking models is a statement in itself – and Franca embodies that in her dominatrix PVC jacket. Fashion editors can shift just as many covers as the traditional cover stars and with editors like Anna Dello Russo, Taylor Tomasi-Hill, Caroline Issa, among others ruling in the personal style fashion stakes, securing a magazine cover seems like the natural evolution.

It is not only fashion editors that are stealing coveted cover spots but also stylists as Nicola Formichetti shows us on the cover of L’Officiel Hommes Korea. Most famous for styling Lady Gaga, Formichetti has become a fashion entity in his won right so it only makes sense that he can score a cover – and a beautiful one at that. I wonder who will be the next cover star?

Images via The CutDesign Scene

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