Sometimes the Yanks do it better: Adele covers Cosmopolitan US

Posted in Covers by Nneoma Ulu on November 2, 2011

Okay so it’s true that I may be a little bit biased due to the fact I’m currently in the US of A however, I must say that despite swooning over Adele’s Vogue UK cover from October, it was glaringly obvious that they had avoided showing more of her plus-size figure on the cover. Enter the December issue of Cosmopolitan US with the songstress sporting a leopard print D&G number with her trademark big hair and immaculate make-up. The main difference between this and the Vogue cover? You can actually see what she is wearing and she looks good. The only down side – let’s face it, Cosmopolitan is not exactly the most fashion forward of publications and it would’ve been much more inspiring to see Vogue leading the charge on this.  Despite all of that you cannot take away from how great Adele looks on the cover and in the words of Kelly Rowland (from X Factor UK), she’s ‘size sexy’.

Image via Cosmopolitan US

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