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Posted in Cool stuff, News by Nneoma Ulu on November 19, 2010

Health warning: Before you start reading this, I must warn you that this has the potential to seriously thwart your productivity levels at work and could render you both useless and broke. If you are happy totake that risk, read on.

This week saw the launch of from Google, their clever but arguably delayed foray into the fashion industry. According to Google, it is a collaboration of the “computer nerds and fashion nerds”. The site not only boasts online boutiques selling wares offered by various designers and retailers – from high to department store, but a large number of curated “boutiques” selling the looks worn by celebrities and fashion bloggers.

So what sets this venture apart from your average online shopping experience? Google’s algorithms.  In every boutique on the site, there are dozens of additional choices inspired by a designer’s or celebrity’s style — generated by algorithms. is not a transactional site, it is about “curation” – pulling together your favourite items and Google adding suggestions based on what you like. Anyone can create a boutique so get clicking!

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  1. […] otra de las grandes estrategias de Google para “comprar el mundo”, ahora encontramos una boutique virtual en la cual, en base a unos criterios propios de elección, nos brinda toda la ropa […]

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