Getting ready for New York

Posted in Fashion, New York Fashion Week by Nneoma Ulu on February 8, 2010

New York Fashion Week is almost upon us and Channel 4 did their part last night to get us in the mood showing The Devil Wears Prada and The September Issue back to back. The perfect fashion movie night. Just in case you were in doubt about who Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil wears Prada was based on… here is a clue.

via Grazia

Mark Thursday 11th Feb in your diary kids, it’s when New York Fashion Week fun and frolics begin. Here are some American-themed things to get you in the mood…

Alexander Wang’s first ad campaign launched last week but don’t expect to see it on the pages of any magazines. The posters featuring Hannah Holman photographed by Daniel Jackson and celebrating Wang’s Spring 2010 T collection will be plastered all over downtown Manhattan. Shame I’ll be stuck here.

Here is a candid from Lady Gaga’s new video for her single, Telephone, featuring Beyonce. After Lady Gaga’s amazing perfomance at the Grammys with Elton John, I have a new found love for her. The video is sure to have some awesome fashion in it (as long as Beyonce’s mum wasn’t working on them the night before). From this pic, it looks like we’re in for a treat… and the song isn’t half bad!

Not really appropriate during fashion week as carbs aren’t really the done thing but my favourite nonetheless. Red velvet cupcakes…. yummy!


This week: The good and the bad

Posted in Fashion, News by Nneoma Ulu on February 7, 2010

The Good: London Fashion Week goes digital
Everyone knows that the online world is having a fashion moment. Bloggers on the front rows, live tweeting from the shows and now a dedicated digital schedule for London Fashion Week. This week, the British Fashion Council announced that this month shows will be streamed live online allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to have access to the shows. In addition to the shows, there will also be a selection of digitally presented fashion films created by some of London’s most innovative designers. No need to worry about getting an invite. No need to worry about what you’ll wear. No need to worry about whether you made front row. It’s great that the Brits are leading the way. A few designers – Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen – streamed their shows into people’s living rooms last season and I think this move by LFW will mean the other fashion weeks will follow suit. Times are changing in the wonderful world of fashion. The exclusivity seems to be evaporating…

The digital schedule will go live here on 19th February, at the start of London Fashion Week. Let’s hope their servers can handle it!

The Bad: The rising cost of Vogue
Has anyone else noticed that the cost of Vogue magazine has risen to £4?! I know we’re supposed to be on our way out of the recession but blimey, that’s a whole 40p increase from the previous £3.60 cover price! Thing is, for me, gone are the days that Vogue is worth going hungry for a la Carrie from Sex and the City. I’d much rather go hungry for my copy of Elle every month, which in my opinion, is a much better read than Vogue. The only comforting thought is that the latest issue is a tome, no joke. It’s not even suitable for carrying around in your handbag – you’ll probably do your shoulder or wrist in!

There is no denying that there is not a lot more satisfying than turning the crisp pages of a magazine, ogling over the editorials and coveting the clothes that fill the pages… but at what cost? With online magazines popping up everywhere and blogs satisfying our never ending need for fashion, has the traditional print magazine had its day?

24:7 Champagne and Choos

Posted in Event, Fashion by Nneoma Ulu on February 6, 2010

Last week, I was treated to canapés, champagne and a manicure courtesy of Jimmy Choo at  the launch of their 24:7 collection at The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair. The idea behind the 24:7 collection is simple – provide customers with a collection of their bestsellers ranging from everyday flats to party stilettos, shoes for any occasion that will never sell out. The customer knows best and Jimmy Choo have done well to recognise this.

Despite fears of a collaboration with Ugg and the H&M collection that I wasn’t too fond of, I have to admit that when Jimmy Choo do what they know best… luxury –  it really works. This is a great idea and I have my eye on a few styles. The ‘Private’ style (below) is one of my favourites.

Jimmy Choo’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection was also on display. This was my favourite. The perspex and wooden heel make me want to start a Jimmy Choo savings fund. Donations welcome!

The evening itself was a proper girly affair with Bobbi Brown make up artists on hand to brighten up your look and hairdressers ready to give ladies the perfect blow dry.

I stuck to getting my nails done in the perfect nude colour that has got me loads of compliments this week. I also met a lovely lady called Elika Gibbs who runs Practical Princess, a company bringing luxurious wardrobe organisation to women everywhere, including these ingenious drawer dividers – perfect for that unruly knickers drawer.

Is Topshop’s reign of the high street over?

Posted in Comment by Nneoma Ulu on February 4, 2010

TopShop used to be the creme of the crop when it came to high street fashion –  affordable trends, accessible to all. All other high street offerings seemed to pale in comparison. Things are different now and I couldn’t help but agree with a recent article in The Guardian that our love affair with the high street giant seems to be coming to an end.

Possible reasons it could be losing it’s appeal… it’s expensive – especially given very similar clothes can be found at Primark for roughly one eighth of the price that TopShop are flogging them for.

Everyone buys the same thing. If you stumble across something in TopShop that is perfect for you, the chances that hundreds of people who live/work near your local TopShop think the same is pretty high. I know high street isn’t supposed to be exclusive but it becomes less appealing to buy when you know others will have bought it too.

The clothes are no longer the on-trend additions to my wardrobe they once were. Before I’d be stuck for choice with clothes I could use to bring me into whatever season it was with trends reminiscent of whoever the hottest designer was that season. These days… not so much.

In many ways, Kate Moss has done nothing for Topshop’s relationship with the savvy fashionista (I like to consider myself one of those). It’s almost been a bit of a dumbing down really. The clothes photograph really well on her, but look a bit crap on the rest of us. We all know Kate Moss dresses well, but even she herself recognises that she is no designer.

Designer collaborations are one of the major attractive factors Topshop offers, managing to pull in young, fresh British designers (Ashish, Jonathon Saunders, the list goes on). This is as a result of their investment in young British talent – providing sponsorship and and on schedule space allowing selected designers to showcase their work. It’s this that is Topshop’s strength – the ability to identify great talent and bring it to the masses. It’s a good business move – buzz is created at London Fashion Week about these designers then soon after Topshop announces a collaboration with them (Christopher Kane, Mark Fast). Good for business, good for customers.

So I agree that my love affair with Topshop has cooled somewhat. These days, my high street hits are H&M, Cos and Zara. Supplemented by Primark, Asos and the occasional New Look purchase. However, our relationship is definitely not over and we could be getting hot and heavy again when these shoes hit the store…

Topshop Unique S/S 10

Copenhagen Crush: Won Hundred

Posted in Fashion by Nneoma Ulu on February 3, 2010

Apparently, more and more people are delaying starting the new year with resolutions in January in favour of February being the perfect time to be and do better. I’ve tried not to make resolutions this year, but there are definitely things I’d like to do more of – the usual yoga, visiting friends and travelling; and things I’d like to do less of – mainly eating and drinking! So in keeping with the whole new year, better me – I booked a flight to Copenhagen to visit one of my really good friends. It’ll be my first time and I’m looking forward to falling in love with the city.

I check out the Copenhagen Street Style blog pretty regularly so I know they have great street style. For example….

I love those Acne boots!

Even more exciting is getting to go to the Won Hundred store. I stumbled across Won Hundred during one of my usual internet shopping sprees on Urban Outfitters. They have great dresses and really good shoes!

Here are some images from their Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook:

Hopefully I won’t spend my entire pay cheque in one weekend when I’m in Copenhagen!

Clogs – For those who thought it couldn’t be done

Posted in Celebrity Style by Nneoma Ulu on February 1, 2010

Clogs were a huge trend on the Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 catwalk and I for one am yet to be convinced… Clogs conjure up garbled images in my mind of little wooden dolls you get on holiday from Amsterdam and plastic clogs that were a huge craze when I was younger. The common link between the two is the fear I feel when I think of them. I shudder at the thought of the high street attempting to make this trend accessible to the masses.

That said, Alexa Chung has made a convincing effort to sway my views and fear. She rocked the clogs to the Chanel Couture show in Paris recently and I actually think it works. I think they work better with black opaque tights than they will with bare legs but only time will tell. Sadly, I doubt they’d work with my cankles so I won’t be jumping on the bandwagon just yet!

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