Who rocked those McQueen shoes first?

Posted in News by Nneoma Ulu on November 13, 2009

For those of you who thought it couldn’nt be done. The ‘alien’ shoes from Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection have had the first proper outing thanks to Daphne Guinness. There is no doubt the dress is amazing and the shoes actually seem to be working off the runway. I’d love to see a video of her walking in them…. Daphne Guinness has amazing style and she is showing that she is ahead of the pack in this outfit. I just wish she would’ve toned down the make-up a bit or her signature hair do – it’s just a little too much.

Daphne Guinness in Alexander McQueen via bryanboy

Daphne Guinness in Alexander McQueen via bryanboy

As most people predicted, Lady Gaga was officially the first person to rock them in her latest video, Bad Romance. Wearing them in a music video is different from wearing them in ‘real’ life as musicians often push the boundaries and do and wear things they wouldn’t normally in their everyday lives, although Lady Gaga does a pretty good job of tottering around in them. So I  salute Daphne Guinness for wearing them and showing us that they can be rocked if the occasion calls for it… I wonder who’ll be spotted in them next.

Lady Gaga in Bad Romance wearing Alexander McQueen shoes

Lady Gaga in Bad Romance wearing Alexander McQueen shoes


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  1. Makeda said, on November 16, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    When I saw them in the Lady Gaga video I immediately recognized that these were Alexander McQueen’s latest creation. I must say I felt fashion inclined and proud of myself. I saw a documentary that focused on the elite and exclusive club of Haute Couture fashions and I believe Daphne was featured in the film but I’m not sure. I do think the make-up and hair is a bit extreme, she probably thought it was necessary to go over board because the crazy architecture of the shoe calls for it. At the same time the shoe is so extreme already that gawdy make-up takes away from the shoe and it makes the outfit starts to resemble a costume.

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