Mummy, I want to wear Stella!

Posted in Kidswear, News by Nneoma Ulu on October 25, 2009

As my birthday week comes to an end, I’ve been thinking more and more about the glory years. You know, those ages when your Mum and Dad asked you what you wanted for your birthday and you actually got it and they’d sometimes even throw in an extra wildcard. Those days are now long gone but I do remember a couple of the wildcard presents my Mum got me when I was little. One was a pair of really pretty sandals that were known as my Cinderella slippers and we’d often argue as I’d always want to wear them to bed. In fact, I’d normally agree to take them off, then when she thought I was sleeping, I’d put them back on again and fall asleep only to wake up with them not on as she’d have come in and taken them off. Another one of those presents was a Sleeping Beauty dress that only came out at special occasions – I loved it but luckily for my Mum, appreciated that it was not suitable sleeping gear. If I had turned ten rather than twenty-something this week, my list would’ve featured as many items from Stella McCartney’s 70-piece line for Gap kids as possible.

Stella McCartney for Gap kids via The Cut

Stella McCartney for Gap kids ad via The Cut

The size of the range runs from newborn baby up to kids aged 12 and hits Gap stores next month. Stella has kept in line with her beliefs and ethos for this range and just like her main line, none of the shoes are made from leather. She’s used fabrics such as organic cotton and denim, cashmere and wool – all the good stuff! Stella is the mother of three kids so she knows what kids want to wear and as a mother understands what kids need from their clothing. This shows through in the fun designs and attention to detail. There are even a few pieces that are borrowed from her Autumn/Winter 2009 main line collection, such as the grey jumper dress with a tiger print and skinny jeans with zips at the bottom.

Being the oldest of two and not old enough (in my opinion anyway) to have kids yet, it makes me sad that I can not enhance any child’s life with these clothes. My faves are the military style jacket… I can imagine Mums will have to sew a name label into that little gem so it doesn’t get stolen in the playground and also the tutu. The styling of the ad is great as well, these are instant outfits for style-savvy Mums to dress their kids in. I hope its not a one off and that Stella will still be doing something affordable for kids when I’m ready to play dress-up with mine! Failing that, I might take a trip down to Gap kids next month and see what I can squeeze into. After all I am the same height as a lot of 12-year olds!


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  1. Makeda said, on November 5, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    I don’t care if that military styled jacket is for boys only, I’m going into GAP to purchase one. I need it to complete the look for my outfit. Thank you for putting me on to this!

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