Where are all the real women in fashion?

Posted in Comment, London Fashion Week by Nneoma Ulu on September 21, 2009

So everyone got into the office this morning and raised their eyebrows at the news of the three size 12 to 14 models that were sent down Mark Fast’s Spring/Summer 2010 show at London Fashion Week this weekend. It’s quite interesting that in contrast, over the weekend, the fashion world didn’t really seem that concerned about it and the “controversy” was more of a murmur than a full blown scandal. I guess that’s a reflection of the fact that fashion people don’t really care much for those over a fashionably acceptable size 10.

Mark Fast SS '10

Mark Fast SS '10

Recently US Glamour used a picture of the plus-size model, Lizzi Miller in their September issue showing a little bit of belly, the response to this body confidence article was overwhelmingly positive from their readers loved seeing this “real woman” type on the pages of their magazine. Again the rest of the fashion world were pretty quiet.

Lizzi Miller in US Glamour

Lizzi Miller in US Glamour

The reality is that if you’re not skinny then it seems that you have less capacity to be fashionable or stylish. Look at the fashionable people photographed by The Satorialist’s Scott Schuman… they might as well all be models. Where are the real people in fashion? Behind the scenes and hidden in black clothing is my guess.

The rise of fashion bloggers at the international Fashion Weeks, brings with it the rise of “real-person reporting” from the shows. The fash pack are no longer shrouded in mystery and now have faces – well we can at least see what they are wearing. The ELLE girls have done a great job at providing photos of  what they are wearing during London Fashion Week on the ELLE website showing that they are real girls and fellow fashion bloggers, Disco Nap, have made an attempt to dispel myths about the fashion industry. Truth be told most fashionistas aren’t model types and the average size in the UK is a size 16, so should we expect to see more larger sized models on the catwalks? Probably not.

Quite frankly, Mark Fast’s homage to the fuller figured lady did not inspire me to go out and buy his tight bodycon mini dresses. It’s inspired me to go on a diet. I hope that I don’t represent the vast majority of women out there but my shallow fashion-loving self just wants to be as close to a model size as possible. Sadly, I’m a sucker of our times.

Also isn’t it interesting that no one is really talking about PPQ’s history-making all black cast for their Spring/Summer 2010 show? Silence speaks volumes!

All black models at PPQ SS '10

All black models at PPQ SS '10


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