New York Fashion Week: The Wonderful World of Wang

Posted in Uncategorized by Nneoma Ulu on September 18, 2009

Other than a spot of yoga, I’m not really the sporty type. I can’t pretend that I’ve ever really been into sports that much other than being forced to play team sports at school and again being forced to watch the occasional football game with the boyfriend. More importantly I’ve never been into sportswear. I find it difficult to wear and almost always never flattering. That all changed this week. Alexander Wang sent cool, casual yet sexy all-American sportswear down the runway and it worked! The styling was impeccable and the pieces totally wearable aside from some quilted leather shorts. Wang’s formula seems to be to create clothes that fit seamlessly into our wardrobes by making every piece count.

Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2010 offering has changed me… though it might not get me to the gym just yet.

To see the full collection, click here.

Alexander Wang SS '10

Alexander Wang SS '10

Alexander Wang SS '10

Alexander Wang SS '10

Alexander Wang SS '10

Alexander Wang SS '10

Someone get me some hair extensions, I want a long side ponytail… now!


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